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The UAE Pavilion is the host country pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai which tells the story of the ‘Land of Dreamers Who Do’; from its ancient roots as a crossroad for people, goods and ideas, to its transformation into a unified nation and a home to people from over 200 countries.

The UAE Pavilion reveals authentic human stories, to elevate our collective sense of humanity and ambition and foster a sense of community, encourage global and local stakeholders to connect and collaborate, and invite the world to experience our story.

The Dreamers Who Do are selected change makers who embody the spirit of the UAE and carry forward the legacy forged by our country’s original dreamer, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the nation.

About the UAE Pavilion

Designed by world-renowned architect, Dr. Santiago Calatrava, the architectural design of the UAE Pavilion draws inspiration from the vision of the falcon – the national bird of the UAE. The UAE Pavilion reflects the UAE’s identity and pioneering spirit while cultivating a balance and connection between the country’s past, present and future.

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About the Visitor Experience

At Expo 2020 Dubai, the UAE Pavilion will feature a multi-sensory visitor experience, which will tell the story of the UAE, from its ancient roots of goods, people, and ideas to its transformation into a unified nation, home to people from over 200 countries.

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