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Oasis Our environment is a place of birth and life, that pulses dreams beyond our deserts. Our dreams drive our progress. This is the Oasis – Where our journey begins. It is a place full of life that pulses dreams beyond our deserts. A place of natural diversity, that offered rest and refreshment for thousands of nomads and traders generations ago. A place of hope that gave birth to resilient and optimistic people, whose dreams drove our progress. Explore our oasis, join our majlis and embrace this experience with clear thoughts. Our biodiversity, rich in nutritional and medicinal properties, has been crucial to generations of Emiratis. Birds, winds, water – calming and relaxing sounds that enrich our perception of the UAE’s environment. „Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt“ Name, Position Our neighbourhoods; Our homes; Our people. Listen to our stories. The Majlis is a place of gathering and hospitality – to communicate, share and exchange in the spirit of honesty and respect. Discover Falaj Falaj Our shared vision was made reality due to
ambitious people who understood the
value of investing in human connections
Our traditional irrigation system made the land of dreamers who do
possible. By knowing our past, we can define a better future for future
generations. Share a moment of playful interaction through the UAE´s history.
Share a moment of playful interaction before
immersing into the uae´s history.
Discover our desert of dreams
of Dreams
Our nation is a rapdly evolving landscape
unfold by vision and wisdom – from our
beduine anscestrors to future generations.
Learn about the visionary wisdom of Sheikh Zayed, the unification of the
Emirates, and the miraculously rapid modernization of a nation that now
welcomes people from all over the world. Join this multisensory journey
through a rapidly evolving landscape.
VISTA Our diverse landscape
across all seven emirates
shaped our common values.
NOMADIC LIFE Ours is a story of resilient people,
who can weather the most difficult
situations while remaining optimistic.
CROSSROADS Our landscape also served as a place for connection through trading history that enriched the exchange of knowlegdge, culture and language. VISION “Past years have emphatized the importance of unity as a vital necessity for providing a better life to the people, for ensuring stability in the country and for realizing the hopes an the aspirations of our people.” Sheik Zayed UNITY From Tradional life
to a modern nation.
BUILDING THE NATION UAE’s rapid modernization is the result of the tremendous effort undertaken by sheikh zayed, other rulers and people from all across the country. THRIVING TOGETHER The authenticity of emirati life means to celebrate how people come together through similar human experiences. NEAR FUTURE The UAE’s near future centers around creating and sharing knowledge for the benefit of all. While technology is advanced, it is used in service of a return to nature and community. Discover our
Generations We continue to treasure our heritage, while
living peacefully alongside others,
regardless of their gender, race or religion.
A celebration of traditions and collective progress at human scale.
Discover multi-generational UAE families within their own enviroment and
immerge into their special qualities.
The location, their
clothes, what they
are doing all reveal
something about
why they
are special.
Rather than
seeing them as
individuals, we
find them
by their
Dreaming Together
Dreaming Together We continue to shape an ambitious vision
for the future, while preparing our youth
to make it their own.
Our shared values drive the UAE´s vision for collective progress. We continue to invest in our homeland,
while building bridges to the world.
The story of ousha celebrates in a
direct, human and touching way the
values that drive the UAE´s vision for
collective progress. By pairing
fierce ambition with humanity,
anything becomes possible.
Discover our Dreamers Who Do
Dreamers Who Do We continue to invest in our homeland,
while building bridges to the world.
Our dreamers who do embody our story every day in how they contribute
to our society, inspire our community and pursue their dreams. They all
demonstrate how the UAE embraces openness, champions culture,
nurtures entrepreneurship and creates and shares knowledge for the
benefit of all.
The dreamers who do Our land enriches with people dreaming together. Discover our Dreamers who Do and
engage with inspiring like-minded people that share dreams like yours.
Designer and Co-founder
Designer and Co-founder
DREAMING BEYOND This year, the UAE celebrates it’s Golden Jubilee. Our achievements as a nation from the past 50 years are being reflected in our present and opens us new opportunities to a prosperous future. Like our past, our future is the result of the dreamers of today. Visit the UAE Golden Jubilee website for more content regarding our past and activations for building our future. To UAE golden jubilee website Discover FEATURED CONTENT Architecture
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